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Smart home extensions solutions to transform living spaces

There is no substitute for expertise and experience when it comes to helping homeowners add value (monetary and functionality) to their homes with a ground extension. With invaluable industry experience that covers more than 35 years, Paul Jesson offers clients the benefit of both.

Any home improvement project can open up a frustrating minefield of costly mistakes from breaking budgets to lengthy delays to subpar quality workmanship. By choosing to partner with the right professional like Paul Jesson who enjoys a sterling reputation for reliability, honesty and efficiency, adding an extension to your home can be a pleasant and stress-free experience.

There are a diverse number of exciting options open to homeowners looking to transform their living spaces: ground extensions, rear extensions, side and side extensions as well as loft extensions. Whether you want to add on an extra guest bedroom, a home office, a utility room or an entertainment area, Paul Jesson has the skills and experience to bring to realisation your perfect dream home.

Why choose ground extensions?

When the needs of a family outgrow the available space in a home, homeowners have two options: move into a larger house or extend the one they are currently occupying. Ground extensions in Beckenham may be the best solution for a number of reasons for those who love their homes but wish to add more functionality and space.


Why move out of your much loved home when an extension can prove to me more cost effective and the freedom and flexibility to design your home according to your individual needs, specifications, preferences and tastes?

 Ground extensions Beckenham offer sought after benefits such as:

ground extensions beckenham
  • Transform cramped homes into luxurious open living spaces.

  • Ground floor extensions can open up other avenues to adding more space to a home down the line – adding on rooms above the ground extension.

  • Versatile solutions to adding space and functionality as ground extensions are ideal for: storage spaces, family rooms, larger kitchen or add on a pantry.

  • In addition to opening up more space, ground extensions can also allow for more natural light to flow in and opens up convenient access to the garden and other outdoor areas.

  • Paul Jesson will work with you and can offer workable solutions that fit in with budgets of all sizes. Hiring the right professional is a key actor that makes all the difference from a home improvement project becoming a nightmare of a disaster. For a top quality result homeowner should:

  • Ensure the professional contractor you hire has reliable references from previous clients.

  • Choose a contractor with valuable work experience in delivering the type of home extension you are after.

  • Opt for a contractor offering a full spectrum start-to-end project management service. Paul Jesson can assist with: removal and disposal of existing extension, plumbing and electrics, supply materials (including windows and Bifold Patio doors) and equipment, block and brickwork, underfloor heating, various roofing options such as pitched, tiled, fibreglass and flat felt roofs.

Why choose a rear extension to add value to your home?

One of the more popular types of home extensions is the rear extension due to plus points that include simplicity of design, relatively lower costs and straightforward project management process. Rear extensions are ideal for homeowners who don’t mind losing a bit of their outdoor space to accommodate for extra indoor living functionality. Another reason for its wide popularity is that in many instances, there are no planning permissions required from local authorities. 

Rear extensions focus on adding functional spaces to a home outwards from the back of a home and most often eats into the backyard or garden space.  For homeowners wanting a larger open plan kitchen, rear extensions offer a simple solution. A substantial proportion of homes are able to fit a rear extension into their design as there is most often ample availability of land at the rear of the property.

Rear extensions have been found to be a smart way to make optimal use of the open space available on a property, in particular, period homes or those in developed urban areas.



Additional reasons to opt for a rear extension comprise of:


  • This type of extension can improve the value of a home between 6 percent to 20 percent.

  • A versatile type of extension that can be used to add on extra bedrooms, guest bathroom, study, enlarge kitchen spaces, add on a children’s play area, add on a dining room or even a utility/service room.

  • Rear extension projects can accommodate modest as well as bigger budgets.

  • Depending on the desired design, homeowners may not need to get planning permission before going ahead with their build project.

  • A great way to enhance the flow of natural light into a home.

Factors affecting the cost of rear extensions

Image by Tierra Mallorca

Homeowners interested in a rear extension should keep in mind the various variables that will impact the cost of their home improvement project.

These will include:


  • The size of the extension project

  • The purpose of the home improvement project. A kitchen will naturally have additional costs involved such as installing kitchen equipment and countertops and units and a bathroom will require a shower, sink and other fittings that add to the cost.

  • Materials to be used to complete the extension.

  • Glazing needs to be dependent on the use of extended space.

  • Floor and wall dressing solutions will vary in terms of cost.

  • Professional services needed (plumbing, electrical, roofing, insulation, underfloor heating, etc.)

  • To create the WOW factor effect and make the most of a rear extension that promotes open plan living, you can add show-stopping features like skylights, a sliding door or install windows that extend from ceiling to floor to bring the outdoors indoors.

Why choose side and side (double) extensions

A side extension offers valuable use of unused alleyway space which is a viable solution for those homeowners who want to retain the size of their gardens. Of course there needs to be space open on the side of the property in order for homeowners to consider this extension option.


Homeowners will also have to consider the associated costs as this build project type can prove to be comparatively more complex to execute. Side extensions are widely featured on Victorian and period homes as well as being a great extension option for townhouses in urban areas.

This is another versatile option for modernising a home to keep up with changing living space needs. Many homeowners opt to use a side extension to add on a garage, a kitchen or children’s playroom.

Due to the location used for side extensions, it would be useful for homeowners to bear in mind when designing their extension, a few key aspects. One of which is the issue of natural light. Seeing that this type of extension typically is built onto a wall so without a window, the supply of natural light may present a challenge. A dark space can be overcome by homeowners considering a few design options that include: installing skylights, installing a glazed ceiling or even for a stunning modern look, integrating floor to ceiling windows into the design. Other natural light enhancing ideas include opting for lighter coloured wall and floor dressing solutions and designing an open plan space.


A side and side extension can have a completely transformative effect on the aesthetic value of a home and in terms of functional value. More can be offered by adding en-suites, a home office, or bedroom on the first floor and a utility or larger open plan kitchen on the ground floor.

It is more likely that double side extensions will require homeowners to apply for planning permissions and there will be planning limitations to adhere to. Some of the considerations that will apply to gain local authority permission for the extension cover the impact on curb side appeal, how the extension changes the character of the property, whether the build has an adverse effect on the neighbours including the flow of natural light and how much privacy is impeded.


What factors impact on the cost of side extensions

There are in the main, two factors that promote side extensions as a suitable home improvement alternative – availability of space and the price tag. The cost of a side extension build will depend largely on what the space will be used for, the desired design and the location of the property.

A double side extension will enhance quality of living and make a greater impact on the home’s resale value. What is even better is that the cost of a side and side extension need not increase significantly as equipment and site costs of a single extension apply.

Turning your home into a dream home is both an emotional investment as well as a financial one which is why Paul Jesson will go above and beyond to achieve customer satisfaction and give you a home that will make your heart skip a beat every time you step into it.

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