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Paul Jesson believes in providing an affordable, quality service. We aim to be competitive on price, keep to time frames and meet your expectations.


We provide a free quotation which includes an on-site visitation. We promise to stick to the quoted charge unless you specifically request additional work.


*All prices are bespoke to the specific job requirements, below are areas of consideration when calculating a quote. For an accurate evaluation we will have to carry out the on-site visitation.


  • Flats to Large Listed Building

  • Availability & Time Frame 

  • Refurbishment

  • Warranty & Guarantee

  • Insurance


  • Size of the room, possible extensions

  • Number of appliances

  • Expected time frame


  • Size of the room

  • Types of windows/byfold doors

  • Render or brick finish

  • Expected time frame

  • Type of heating


  • Size of the room

  • Paint effects, marbelling

  • Expected time frame

We are always able to provide a discount on supplies. We also have a preferential rate for OAPs. 

Our photos and testimonials demonstrate our reputation for being a team of perfectionist, trustworthy and honest tradesmen who take pride in our work. 

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