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Ground Extensions

When the family home becomes too small to house the growing children, their mounting belongings and their ever growing wardrobes, it can be tempting to dream of upgrading to a bigger house. With the economy bringing more pressures on families, however, ground extensions in Beckenham can be a far more savvy move. By choosing to extend your much loved family home, you can design your own space, rather than purchasing one that has already been built by somebody else. At Paul Jesson, we have over 35 years of experience of helping people to add both financial gain to their property, as well as increased functionality value. 
We have some top tips to getting the best ground extensions in Beckenham for you.

Trust is key
With any home improvement project, you need to know that the team of people involved are professional, trustworthy, reliable and have the ability to carry out work efficiently. By ensuring you choose a team like Paul Jesson, you will take away a lot of stress from the design and building process. We will work out the options available to you when planning your build and our expertise will prevent you from a design nightmare. 
With any build, you are going to need a professional contractor who has references from previous clients and has experience of the type of extension you are hoping to achieve. You will probably also need a start-to-end project management service, including disposal of any current extension, plumbing and electrics, supply materials, equipment, heating and roofing options. Paul Jesson can provide all of these services and take the pressure off you, helping you to add value to your home with ground extensions in Beckenham.
Other benefits to ground extensions in Beckenham
Aside from adding extra space to your existing property, choosing a ground extension has many other plus points. For example, it can enable you to have more natural light coming into your property. Choosing bi-folding doors and velux windows are just some of the ways that extra light can be let in. As with any design, you will be able to choose how this is done and Paul Jesson can guide you with ideas about the possibilities for your space. 
By having a ground extension, it can also improve the access from your property to your garden. This can be a great feature for family living and help to add value to your property, along with any additional rooms that are added in as part of the design. With the design work, Paul Jesson can also suit any budget and save money if the extension is within the permitted development rights. This means that if a property’s extension is 6 metres from the existing rear wall in a semi-detached house, or 8 metres in a detached property, and is no more than 4 metres in height, then it does not need planning permission from the local council, which will save you both time and money. It also needs to be within the 2 metre boundary of your property and the eaves height is limited to 3 metres. If this all sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry! Paul Jesson can guide you through everything and ensure that you don’t miss a trick. 
If getting ground extensions in Beckenham is your dream, why not make it a reality with Paul Jesson?

Ground extensions in Beckenham: Paul Jesson reveals all

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